Lana Nichols, 'Footsie' (sea turtle)


Oil and airbrush on panel

Dimensions: 11" x 14" x 1"

This piece is part of the ART OBJECTS FOR WILD BEASTS exhibition at Association.

To purchase, please do it through Fauvist's website directly.

Show runs Nov 9 - Dec 10, and all pieces will be shipped week of Dec 11

The proceeds of the sale of this work will be shared with Sea Turtle Conservancy

FAUVIST is a web-based art shop bringing together a love of art and wildlife. FAUVIST asks artists to select a wild animal they’d like to support through the purchase of their work- half of each sale goes to the artist, 40 percent to an organization that best supports their selected animal, and 10 percent stays with FAUVIST for site management and spreading the word. It’s as if the animals are running a gallery!

FAUVIST is named after Fauvism, the 'wild beast' art movement of the early 1900s. Our intention is to provide a new place to find unique artwork and to connect both artists and art buyers to wildlife issues and organizations devoted to animal conservation.